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Christine Althouse

It’s Better Than My Moms Homemade Potato Soup

It's Better Than My Moms Homemade Potato Soup

Let me first start by saying..this is my very first food blog ever!! LOL Never did I think I would be creating a blog about a recipe I created. Why? Because I’m not the greatest cook, and I don’t love to spend hours in the kitchen creating masterpieces. However, this was a masterpiece, and it took me a total of one hour to create…and this is how it happened. 

We where sitting at the dinner table one evening and my husband, Mark, said, “Do you know what I have a craving for?” and I spoke up and said, “potato soup!” he follows up with, “how the heck did you know that?” well…I’m sure many of you can relate to this, but when you have been married for over 20 years you can read your spouses mind! LOL Right? Anyhow, a week goes by and It’s that time of day that us moms loves..”whats for dinner?” that favourite question of all time. Only good thing about this question coming up this day was it was ME asking myself the question, not my family. Can you feel me?? 

So the thought hit me, I’m in the mood to make some homemade potato soup today, and we actually have a bag of ptoatos in the house. Now a little back ground on why home made potato soup was something Mark wanted. It’s a meal his mom would make as a kid and he loved it, and we would make it alot in the earlier years of our marriage because it was affordable and good!! AND, of course it is September here in Ontario Canada which means nice cooler fall weather…also known as sweater weather! 

Now, I didn’t want to make just a plain potato soup like I normally did, I wanted it to have that fall I start looking up other recipes to see what others put in theirs..and BOOM my recipe came about! Ok who am I kidding I was winging it(somewhat). I looked in my cupboards to see what I could add, started to through it all togther, and BAM all done, time to serve. Called my guys for dinner, and this was the true test because my husband is very open with his likes and dislikes in tastes….so I’m eating my bowl of soup thinking…”OMG this is actually really good” to finally hear my husband say, “This is better than my moms!” Say what??(how I came up with the recipe name) Did I just hear him right?? Yep, he loved it, and then asked if I saved the recipe. Um…I think I can remember. Good news I do remember and I’m going to share it will you all as well. 

But Before I do that, an update on another persons review of my soup….

I dropped off a bowl of my soup to my mother in law, along with a Chili I had just made.(I know, I thought you didn’t like to cook…well when the mood hits I get some meals done, and fall has that influence on me) Anyhow, I get a message from my mother in law saying, “That soup is to die for!!” WHAT??? Did I read that right?! I was so happy!! And I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as we have.

Now, keep in mind I don’t measure accurately but I know you will still get great results either way! 

It’s Better Than My Moms Homemade Potato Soup Ingredients

  • FIll a Large pot half way with diced white potatoes and then cover with water, bring to a boil until mashable, but to long that they are completely mush.
  • Empty half of the water, or slightly more. Then mash potatoes in the water, leave some chuncks.
  • add in 412ml of chicken broth(your favourite brand)
  • add in a cup of diced precooked ham(nitrate free)
  • half cup of grass fed butter(do not substitute, it must be butter!)
  • 1 cup of 18% cream
  • 1 cup of grated cheddar with habanero(I used PC brand)
  • heaping tsp of each of these spices, Chili & Lime Sea Salt Flakes, Spicy Cajon Mix, California Onion Mix. (Savour Spices from Youngevity
  • stir for 5 minutes and then serve and ENJOY! 

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